Cool-Runnings is Africa’s only toboggan track, but there are over 300 others across the world! This form of tobogganing has been around since 1976, with the stainless steel tracks installed by the German inventor company Wiegand. Tygervalley, Cape Town was selected as the most favourable location for Africa’s first track and Cool-Runnings was born in July 2007.

How does it work?
The sled can fit one or two people and once you’re seated, a hook grabs it from underneath and draws you up the steep slope to the top of the hill. The sled is then released and off you go whizzing down the curving stainless-steel track at whatever speed suits you. Adrenaline junkies can attain a maximum speed of 40km per hour! You regulate your own speed with a lever in front of you and you determine how fast or slow you go. The sled is automatically slowed down as it comes into the docking station where you get on and off.


Our Address:

Carl Cronje Dr, Tygervalley, Cape Town, 7530


-33.8797903, 18.630544099999952