The Limietberg Hiking Trail is nestled within the Boland mountains in the heart of the Cape Winelands in the Western Cape. This is a fabulous, but moderately challenging trail that usually takes about two days to complete.

This 35km+ Limietberg Hiking Trail in the Bains kloof pass (Wellington) has recently changed from a linear trail to a circular trail. The trail starts at Tweede Tol (safe parking available) and you hike in a southerly direction to Eerste Tol to Bainskloof Corner Lodge on day one. The next day you have 3 choices to hike back to Tweede Tol.

Day 1: 19km
Day 2: 16km

You can either hike back along the route you walked the day before, or you can walk back along the Bainskloof pass for a cultural historical perspective. A third option would be to walk down the Rockhopper trail (in the river) but this may only be done in summer.

No fires are allowed along the route. It is important to carry water during summer as sources can be unreliable. It is also advisable to begin early in summer in order to avoid the midday heat, as conditions can be very hot.

–The Limietberg Hut at Limietberg Nature Reserve is closed. Bainskloof Corner Lodge is the new overnight stop.
–The trail is part of the Limietberg Nature Reserve operated by Cape Nature.


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