The Pipe Line track on table Mountain is a great hike if you like walking but are not up for a steep hike, the Table Mountain Pipe Track sits mostly on the same contour and is a nice flat walk perfect for afternoon and early evening excursions. The walk faces the Atlantic Ocean and gives a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, taking you high above Cape Town city. The walk is easy and is suitable for all ages.

The Pipe Track proper leads from Kloof Nek to Slangholie Ravine although it is well worth continuing along an extension to Corridor Ravine. The entire distance from Kloof Nek to the bottom of corridor ravine is just over 6km. The path generally stays on a contour of around 3oom reaching a maximum height of 500m between Slangholie and Corridor Ravines.

The track was constructed in 1887 to lay the pipeline from the reservoirs on Table Mountain to Cape Town.


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