There are so many Leisure directory portals out there! Why list my item at

  • It is FREE to all users!
  • State of the art Search functionality with the latest AJAX technology
  • Easy registration. Sign up in just a few seconds!
  • Large, high resolution photographs of the listings
  • Advanced Map search function

Do I have to register to make use of

No, you do not need to register to use our search area and to browse listings. However, to create your own free listing, you need to register to the website. Registration takes less than a minute! Submit listing here.

What does registration involve?

Very simple! We’ll just ask for your user name and email address and you will be sent your password via e-mail. You will have to agree to our Terms and Conditions when you register. You may change your password on your ‘User profile’ once you are logged in.

Is my user profile open to public viewing?

No, by default it is not visible, but you can opt to make your user profile open to public viewing. By default the user profiles on our website are hidden and users who have active listings are contacted via a secure contact form which does not display their e-mail address or other particulars.

How much does it cost to register at

It is completely FREE! You may create your own standard listing including unlimited pictures at absolutely no charge at all. We do however offer some additional features that users may opt to purchase should they be interested in upgrading their listings.

How do I create my free listing on

Visit and follow the ‘Submit Listing’ link to create your free listing online. Register to the website, and wait for your password to arrive in your mailbox. Now, login with your new password, then click on ‘Submit New’ button on the top right of the dashboard.

Fill in all the submission fields as well as your detailed item description and then click on ‘Submit for review’ Reviews usually takes less than an hour where after your advert will be published online.

How do I make changes to my existing listing?

Visit and login with your e-mail address and password. Go to the ‘Your submissions’ list and click on ‘Edit’ and follow the simple steps to amend an existing listing. The listing will then be reviewed and published again by our admin staff.

What is a 'Featured Listing'?

A Featured listing is a ‘preferred’ listing that appears at the top of our search results if it is relevant to a particular search that is being conducted.


How do I pay for additional features to upgrade my listing?

Currently our only payment option is via PayPal, hosted by FNB South Africa. All payments are stated and processed in South African Rands. PayPal lets users pay the way they want by offering many payment options. You could either create a PayPal account, or PayPal South Africa will also accept direct credit card payments including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and many others.

What devices can be used to browse the website?

We realize that today’s internet users are increasingly using their mobile devices such as tablets or phones to visit websites therefore, our website has been professionally developed, using the latest technologies,  to be responsive to all devices and screen resolutions. The website changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on to always ensure a user friendly browsing experience.

What are my rights with regards to the use of the website?

For more information regarding the use of this website, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

How is my information being used?

For more information regarding your privacy on this website, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

I have more questions… Do you offer any support?

Most definitely, we offer fast & efficient email support always within 2-8 hours but usually a response can be expected within an hour or less. We constantly strive to provide our members with the best possible user experience. If you have any difficulty creating your free listing or with any other website feature, simply e-mail us and we'll gladly help you out! Unfortunately we do not offer telephonic support.